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Does Your Child Avoid Books? Try Magazines!

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Books can be overwhelming to children, even downright scary. When a child hates to read, just the sight of books can turn him off and make him want to run for the video game console. Frustrating as this may be to parents, hope isn’t lost. After all, books are not the only reading materials around. In fact, many kids who are not comfortable with books (yet) open the door to to reading through magazines.

Magazines are an authentic reading resource!

Just think as an adult how many magazines a month you read and when you read them. If you’re like most adults, you pick up at least one magazine a month, and probably more. If you enjoy reading or have a hobby, you probably even have a subscription or three coming to your home to keep you up-to-date on your thing - whether that be the news, cooking, or how to DIY your home. There is a magazine out there today for every hobby, job, sport and interest invented, and for every age group. Magazines for the littlest set start at newborn (start ‘em early!) and seniors have their own editions to look forward to (hello AARP!).

So if you’re looking to hook your child on reading, consider her interests and then scout out a magazine to match. I bet you’ll find the perfect one! The following are examples of popular kids’ interests covered by at least one child-friendly magazine (and in some cases many):


  • Science and nature

  • World history and archeology

  • Space, stars and planets

  • Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts

  • Horses and riding

  • Cats and dogs; pets

  • Aquarium life

  • Girls’ general interests

  • Boys’ general interests

  • Military family life

  • Bible/Church groups/religious

  • Soccer

  • Cheerleading

  • Dance

  • books/stories/literary

  • Coding, computers

  • Crafts

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Building an arsenal of reading materials is an important part of creating your reader-friendly home. One way to do that is to keep a basket of fresh magazines handy in an open spot for kids to find near a cozy chair with a pillow and blanket to curl up with. Subscribe to a few magazines in your child’s name and your child will receive his very own personalized reading materials delivered to the home. Kids LOVE this - even in today’s high-tech era children still love getting their own (snail) mail. So make a big deal of it when the magazine comes just for him and gather everyone ‘round in the living room for some good old family reading time after dinner.

One question that gets asked a lot:

Does reading magazines about video gaming count? Well, yes and no. While your child is reading in this case, he is reading so he can get better at the one interest we are trying to temper. So if your child already has a hard time self-monitoring his video game playing, or if you find yourself in a battle over screen time in the home, then play down or limit the magazines about gaming in favor of other healthier topics. After all, magazines are authentic reading materials about improving the quality of our lives - from cooking to outdoor sports - so if your child is reading about a pursuit that keeps him indoors on a sunny day and antisocial (and that is potentially addicting), this is not a healthy purpose for reading.

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